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Incineration Vs Dumps – Javier Milei – Toronto’s Decline

Incineration Versus Recycling: In Europe, A Debate Over Trash

Increasingly common in Europe, municipal “waste-to-energy” incinerators are being touted as a green trash-disposal alternative. But critics contend that these large-scale incinerators tend to discourage recycling and lead to greater waste.

Libertarian firebrand Milei has a real shot at Argentina’s presidency

Milei has shaken up Argentina’s political culture — and new polls suggest he could actually win

The firebrand economist nicknamed “the Wig” for his unruly hairstyle is being viewed increasingly as a real contender in new polls that have emerged since he upended expectations by coming first in Argentina’s primary elections last week

Presidential Frontrunner Warns Leftist Rioters: You’ll ‘Have to Drag Me Out Dead’ to Stop Conservative Reforms

Argentine presidential election front-runner Javier Milei affirmed his commitment to a dramatic reduction in the size of the government on Tuesday evening — asserting that potential leftist rioters at the presidential offices will have to either “drag me out of there dead” or go to prison.

27 of Top 30 Crime-Ridden Cities Run by Democrats

A new report shows that Democrat policies in cities and counties are responsible for rising crime rates in “their otherwise red states.”

The Heritage Foundation today released a 19-page report titled “The Blue City Murder Problem” that includes analysis on crime data and explores who is responsible for rising crime throughout the U.S. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news organization.)

Legal Expense Insurance for Gun Owners

Rest easy knowing that if you’re ever charged with the improper use, storage, transportation, display or handling of a firearm, we will cover your legal defence costs. We will also defend you in situations where you use a firearm for self defence.

Toronto is exploring new taxes and a parking levy to tackle budget deficit

A municipal sales tax, a dedicated 911 levy, more power for the Toronto parking authority to set higher prices and a graduated hike in land transfer tax for luxury homes are among the flurry of revenue proposals city staff are recommending that Toronto explore in order to stave off crushing financial pressures.

Crime is up in Toronto, here’s why Olivia Chow isn’t the answer

Major crime in Toronto is up by 20% so far this year, which is concerning because major crime in 2022 was up 18% compared to 2021. In 2023, auto thefts are up 39%, theft over $5,000 is up 29%, assaults are up 17%, and sexual crimes are up 16%.

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