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Colorado Democrats Appoint Marxist Teacher Who Called for ‘FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution’ Against ‘Whiteness’ to State Legislature

A Colorado teacher who called for a “FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution” against “whiteness” has been appointed to serve on the state’s House of Representatives.

Tim Hernández was chosen on Saturday to serve as a state representative for the Denver area.

A committee of Democrats selected the far-left Marxist to fill the vacant seat of Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, who is leaving after being elected to the Denver City Council.

Fox News reports, “Hernandez worked at Aurora West Preparatory Academy in the Aurora Public Schools District, according to its website from May. Their staff list has since been scrubbed, and it was unclear if he continues to work in the Colorado district. A sign in his classroom called for ‘Dismantl[ing] White systems.’”

On his social media accounts, Hernández called for a “FORCEFUL cultural revolution,” particularly against American “whiteness” and “white supremacy.”

Hernández said that a good way to teach children about Communism is to show them the movie “A Bug’s Life” to teach them about “proletariat revolution.”

“If White people spent HALF of the time they spend trying to distance themselves from their Whiteness and instead spent it actually deconstructing systems of White supremacy, where would we be?” he asked. “[S]ystems of white supremacy are upheld by individuals- to remove individuality from this conversation is unproductive… I am absolutely advocating for a Cultural Revolution where we dismantle individual and systemic White supremacy,” he said in January 2021, according to the Fox News report.


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