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‘They Will Say It’s Nuclear Blackmail!’

Putin Accuses UK of Training Sabotage Groups to Target Nuclear Power Plants – Warns of SERIOUS Consequences

While Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) on Tuesday, he spent part of the time on remarks about the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine.

He spoke about the ‘failed counteroffensive’ that yielded no results and, more than a failure, a catastrophe for Ukraine,  with the loss of personnel is high as 71,000 people, along with 543 tanks and some 18,000 armored vehicles.

All that for a few token destroyed villages of no strategic significance, without ever breaching the formidable layered Russian defense fortifications.

During his address, Putin also issued a grave, worrying warning towards the UK government, who he accuses of training a Ukrainian sabotage group which aimed to blow up nuclear power plant lines in Russia.

Sputnik reported Putin as saying:

“During the clash, the FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service] captured several people, [some] were destroyed, the rest were taken prisoner, it turned out that this was a sabotage group of the Ukrainian special services. Interrogations are ongoing, which show that their task was to cause damage to one of our nuclear power plants, to blow up power lines in order to ultimately disrupt the operation of the power plant. This is not their first attempt.”

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