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Argentine Presidential Frontrunner Javier Milei Warns Trump in Tucker Carlson Interview: No Truce with the Left, ‘Not Even for a Second’

by Frances Martel

Argentine economist, lawmaker, and current presidential frontrunner Javier Milei in a conversation with Tucker Carlson published online on Thursday advised Americans to “wage the cultural battle day by day” against statists and suggested that former President Donald Trump “redouble his efforts” against socialism.

Carlson traveled to Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, for an extended conversation with Milei in anticipation of Argentina’s presidential election on October 22. Speaking to Carlson on his Twitter broadcast, Milei explained that the current devastating economic situation in his country – Argentina registered its highest one-month inflation increase this week since 1991 – is a result of over a century of “embracing socialism” and warned Americans to engage in a daily, persistent battle to protect the nation’s educational and cultural institutions from socialists:

“Never embrace the ideas of socialism. Never let yourself be seduced by the siren’s call of social justice. Don’t let yourself be trapped by that nefarious phrase that where there is a need, a right is born,” Milei warned, responding to Carlson’s request for advice to the American people. Milei continued by noting that protecting freedom “doesn’t happen on its own  – for that, you have to prepare and wage the cultural battle day by day.”

“You have to be careful because they [the socialist] have no problem getting into the state and applying the [Marxist Italian agitator Antonio] Gramsci techniques: seducing artists, seducing the culture, seducing the media, or meddling in the content of education,” Milei continued. “One has to be very careful, cut their financing, and make them compete on a level playing field.”

Milei also suggested that a nation’s private enterprise – its most successful business leaders – cannot simply remain politically neutral, but must be engaged to actively invest in pro-freedom movements.

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