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“Gloves Are Off, Families Are On” – David Brock Threatens to Target the Children of GOP Members Investigating Hunter Biden

As the walls close in on the Biden Crime Family, Democrats are starting to resort to desperate tactics to save them. One prominent leftist operative going to the extreme and looking at hitting Republicans close to home.

Tara Palmeri of Puck News reported last Friday that David Brock will be launching a personal investigation into family members of Republican lawmakers, looking for any instances where they may have benefited from that member’s position.

“Gloves are off, Families are on,” Brock said to Palmeri.

Brock is specifically looking at targeting the children of these Republican congressional members.

We’ve been looking into how the children of those same members may have benefited from their parents’ position. We’re not shy about going after the members.

One interesting fact about Brock is that he started as a conservative reporter before flipping to the Democratic Party in the mid-1990s. He was also described by former Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden, who is currently a top Biden aide, of being “bats*** crazy” back in 2015.

Brock is a vicious smear merchant who has led numerous efforts to destroy patriotic Americans and prominent conservative voices.  Brock’s 65 Project has filed over 40 ethics complaints against conservative attorneys who defended President Trump.

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