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You Just Have A Cold. Don’t Give Branch Covidians Their Numbers By Testing

Don’t get tested, don’t self-report, and don’t be a statistic for the neurotic control freaks who emerged in the past few years.

It’s the season for respiratory viruses. Chances are, you and your loved ones might catch one, but just say no, at least to the nasal swab. Encourage your family and friends to do the same. The Covid-19 test won’t change anything, but positive tests will fuel the media and health bureaucracy’s hysterical efforts to impose medical martial law.

I’m not just pontificating here. Recently, I felt myself going downhill. Thinking it was strep throat, which seemed to be going around the kids’ school, where I’d spent a number of hours watching my oldest play volleyball, I booked an appointment at my doctor’s office. The test for strep came back negative, though, and that’s when the nurse practitioner said something that surprised me.

“It may be the early stages of the flu,” she said. “It could be Covid. It’s going around. But the tests are so inaccurate, I don’t recommend getting one.”

So I skipped the test. She prescribed steroids and a Z-Pak and sent me on my way, which is what she would have done if I had tested and it had come back positive. Given the brain fog I suffered and that the kids at the school tested positive for Covid and negative for strep, I likely had the best-engineered virus U.S. taxpayers could buy.

In other words, I had an unpleasant cold for about a week. No one around me got sick, I healed, and life moved on.

With the fall virus season in full swing, there’s a chance you’re going to get it. There’s a chance your kid is going to get it. There’s a chance a loved one is going to catch it.

Don’t play the game. Don’t get tested, don’t self-report, and don’t be a statistic for the neurotic control freaks stoked by corporate media in the past few years. Be the anti-Nike: just don’t do it. Stay away from people, eat some chicken noodle soup, maybe get some steroids and a Z-Pak from your doctor, but don’t give the Branch Covidians the numbers they want to see.

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