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Anti-Grooming Protests Sweep Canada, Parents Speak Out Against Transgender Propaganda in Schools

by Alana Mastrangelo

A large anti-grooming protest is sweeping across Canada as demonstrators speak out against transgender propaganda and gender identity ideology being taught to children in schools.

“I am watching videos from across Canada. Amazing and inspiring,” prominent feminist Meghan Murphy wrote on X, along with the hashtag, “#1MillionMarch4Chidren.”

Murphy explained that tens of thousands of Canadians are saying “no” to gender ideology being taught in schools, telling trans activists to “leave the kids alone,” as they peacefully protest in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, among other cities.

“The sheer number of people here is unreal. We will get police counts soon, but it’s gotta be close to 10,000 in Ottawa alone,” journalist Keean Bexte wrote on X.

“This is happening across the country, and may just be the death blow to the Trudeau Government,” Bexte added. “The election may be a ways away, but he’s done.”

Watch Below:

One Canadian mother said that she will not stop speaking out “until radical gender ideology is vanquished and removed from our children’s lives.”

In a photo shared on social media, the mother was seen holding a sign, which read, “mom: a human female who protects her kids from gender ideology.”

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