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Doctors Now Pressed to Distinguish Covid From Allergies or the Common Cold

Pfizer forecasts 24% covid vaccination rate in US this year.

Back in the summer of 2021, when the Biden administration continued to hype the hazards associated with COVID-19, I looked at the history of a seemingly similar virus that caused the “Russian Flu.” Based on that information, I concluded:

In a nutshell, the Russian flu evolved from a serious pathogen into another common cold virus. A glance at the number of deaths associated with COVID-19 within this country indicates that this virus appears to be trending in the same direction.

As the prophecy foretold:

Doctors say they’re finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish Covid from allergies or the common cold, even as hospitalizations tick up.

The illness’ past hallmarks, such as a dry cough or the loss of sense of taste or smell, have become less common. Instead, doctors are observing milder disease, mostly concentrated in the upper respiratory tract.

“It isn’t the same typical symptoms that we were seeing before. It’s a lot of congestion, sometimes sneezing, usually a mild sore throat,” said Dr. Erick Eiting, vice chair of operations for emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York City.

I will note that my prediction came before the Biden vaccine mandate and the endless booster campaigns.

With all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone with common sense that Americans are becoming increasingly less likely to get the booster shots our public health professionals and pharmaceutical industry experts continue to promote.


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