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‘Educational homicide’: Zero students proficient in math at 40% of major city’s high schools

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By Robert Schmad

One pupil passed 3 classes in 4 years, achieving a GPA of 0.13, ranking near middle of his class

Not a single student is proficient in math at 40% of Baltimore public high schools in the spring of 2023, according to state exam results obtained by Fox45.

Nearly 2,000 students took the state math exam across the 13 schools with no proficient students. Of the students who took the exam at those schools, 74.5% of them received the lowest possible score, Fox45 reported.

TRENDING: ‘Emergency’ spending

Baltimore City Public Schools enjoys the fourth-highest per-pupil spending in the United States. Taxpayers are spending $21,606 per Baltimore public school student in 2023, an analysis by Fox45 found.

Baltimore public schools also had the third highest administrative spending per student in 2020, Fox45 reported. The Baltimore city council in May approved more funding for teachers and administrators, WYPR reported.

Jason Rodriguez, deputy director of a Baltimore community nonprofit, likened the situation to “educational homicide,” Fox45 reported.

Part of Baltimore’s public schools’ massive cash windfall came from the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, legislation from the Democrat-controlled state legislature, according to Fox45. The program is described on the school district’s website as “a comprehensive overhaul of education” which is “designed to close equity gaps and improve the overall quality of education in the state.”

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