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UFC Fighter Holds Bible After Big Win and Says Fires in Hawaii Were Man-Made to Steal Land from Natives

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell made some very interesting comments after he won his fight by decision against Dan Ige.

After winning, Mitchell grabbed his Bible put his arm around his opponent Dan Ige who is a native Hawaiian, and stated “I brought this Bible in here tonight because I do believe Satan is taking over this earth. Something specifically I’m talking about is these fires in Hawaii. I will be donating 5,000 to Dan Ige tonight to give to people in Hawaii.”

Mitchell continued “We have to show Satan he can do nothing through the power of Christ when we come together.”

The UFC star then switched gears and stated “These fires in Hawaii I don’t believe they were natural I believe they were man-made they are trying to take the land from the natives.”



Towards the end of the interview Mitchell asked former UFC fighter and now reporter Michael Bisping if Dan Ige could pray for the people of Hawaii but Bisping quickly ended the interview.



Inge and Mitchell ended up praying in the Octagon anyway.



Before the fight even started, Mitchell lifted up his Bible in the octagon and shouted “Freedom.”



One thing is clear Mitchell is not timid about declaring his faith and is definitely not shy about sharing his opinion that the current narrative about the deadly fires in Maui doesn’t add up.

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