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The Border And Beyond

The Erosion of Border Control and Its Threat to National Sovereignty

The disaster unfolding on America’s southern border since 2020 is both a humanitarian tragedy and a threat to our national security. Hundreds of migrants have died while trying to cross the border, and federal agents have apprehended tens of thousands of unaccompanied children.

Migrant border crossings in fiscal year 2022 topped 2.76 million, breaking previous record

The number of undocumented immigrant crossings at the southwest border for fiscal year 2022 topped 2.76 million, breaking the previous annual record by more than 1 million, according to Customs and Border Protection data.


Divided City Council approves $51 million in migrant crisis funding

A divided City Council agreed Wednesday to slap a $51 million Band-Aid on Chicago’s burgeoning migrant crisis after a cathartic and racially charged debate that reduced one member to tears.

The 34-13 vote will provide enough funding to carry Chicago only through June 30.

Chicago signs $29M contract for migrant base camps

The city of Chicago has signed a more than $29 million contract with a private security firm to build and operate base camps for migrants.

Zones in the camps would hold between 200 and 1,400 people.

The deal with Garda World calls for at least six locations across the city for asylum-seekers.

NY Gov Tells Migrants, ‘If You’re Going To Leave Your Country, Go Somewhere Else’

Chicago Residents Have Had It With Illegal Aliens Flooding the City

The deluge of illegal aliens flooding into Democrat-run cities has reached a boiling point, especially in Chicago. Residents got tense during a city council meeting that allocated $51 million for illegal aliens. It’s geared toward housing expenses which have the city’s black community in an uproar.

New York City sues counties refusing to house migrants

Increased Illegal Immigration Brings Increased Crime: Almost 2/3 of Federal Arrests Involve Noncitizens

While the majority of illegal aliens seek a better life, the undeniable link between increasing illegal immigration and crime poses a significant threat.

Border Patrol now begs for help to stop 800% surge of migrants sneaking in from Canada

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