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Trump Fraud Case: Democrat Judge, Democrat Prosecutor, Democrat City

by Joel B. Pollak

Former President Donald Trump, two of his sons, and two of his employees were found liable for fraud Tuesday in a case brought by an elected Democrat prosecutor before an elected Democrat judge in a staunchly Democratic city.

Arthur Engoron, an elected civil Justice of the New York County Supreme Court, issued a rare summary judgment that concluded that New York Attorney General Letitia James proved her case before the defense mounted its own.

He went further, sanctioning Trump’s attorneys and fining them $7500 each for filing repeated motions to dismiss that Judge Engoron decided were frivolous, disregarding the expert opinion of a former judge, filed with the court.

The accusations stem from claims made in Congress by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen — already convicted for lying to Congress — who cooperated with the Democrat-run House of Representatives in persecuting Trump.

Cohen alleged that Trump inflated the values of his real estate properties — which are estimates, in any case — in obtaining real estate loans from banks against those properties.

The judge agreed, ignoring the fact that the banks almost certainly did their own due diligence investigations before making those loans, and disregarding the fact that no bank lost money on the loans. It did not matter that there was no injured party; exaggeration itself was enough.


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