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NaziGate: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Finally Apologizes – To Zelensky!

It’s Time to Address the Contemporary Ukrainian Nazis From Azov Regiment

#NaziGate is still trending at X (Twitter), and the scandal continues unabated, after a veteran of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi forces was honored by Parliament last week, in an event featuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been forced to release a ‘half-apology’. Will that put the matter to sleep? Unlikely.

Had this been a good faith accident, I would have stopped writing about it, it would have been cruel to persevere.

But no, a lot of things point to a darker reality.

First of all: Trudeau did not apologize for himself, but ‘on behalf of Canada’s Parliament’.

Also, Trudeau trying to whitewash a basic fact: as bad as having an elderly Nazi in Parliament can be, much worse is to be funneling Billions of taxpayers’ dollars to the funding of a regime that is deeply connected to the real life contemporary Nazis of the Azov regiment and groups like that.

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