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Defense Attorneys Sound Alarm on’Recycled Jurors’ on J6 Trials: ‘I Have NEVER Seen This … In All My Years of Practicing Law’

Numerous defense attorneys representing January 6 defendants are perplexed in discovering that potential jurors are being recalled or “recycled.”

On Sept. 5, a day after Labor Day, defense attorneys discovered their potential jury pool consisted of jurors who were excused the week before.

“I have never seen this in all my years of practicing law.” defense attorney Steven Metcalf fumed while exiting the federal courthouse after jury selection of Zachary Alam’s trial.”Are there any jurors left in DC? What is going on here?”

The Gateway Pundit sat as the lone observer in the courtroom for nearly the entire duration of Alam’s 8-day trial and spent hours talking with Metcalf about this peculiar jury selection.

Repeatedly throughout Alam’s jury selection, Metcalf asked each potential juror that he was allowed to vet whether they recognized anyone else in the room.

By day 2, dozens of the potential jurors answered in the affirmative, referencing other individuals they convened with at the federal courthouse just a week prior when they were struck down for jury duty in other J6 cases.


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