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Democrat Rep. Suggests Black Voters are ‘Too Dumb’ to Understand Political Affairs

On a recent CNN’s State of The Union episode, Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) made a statement seen by many as suggesting black voters are “too dumb” to fully understand political matters.

This comment has drawn controversy, as the representative was interpreting a recent poll showcasing the surge in popularity for former President Donald Trump among Black voters, traditionally a Democratic stronghold.

The poll suggested that, if an election were held today, former President Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden, securing over 300 electoral votes. Data shows a significant shift of support from Black voters toward Trump. This support now stands at 22 percent for Trump, a figure that no Republican has seen in modern presidential politics.

However, instead of reflecting on why such a shift might be occurring or considering what the Democratic Party could do to regain trust, Rep. Crockett’s response appeared to belittle the intelligence of Black voters. She said:

Here’s the deal. Perception is reality.

And so when you look at the data that was provided in this poll, it talks about how people feel and when people decide whether they’re going to the poll or whether they’re not going to the poll, it’s all about how you feel in that moment. And so while the facts may not align with their feelings, their feelings are dictating their reality. Their reality is that they said that they feel better or they felt better when Trump was in office. But we’ve been trying to push back.

We’ve got some very popular African-American artists that are out here saying things like, “Oh, I got checks when Trump was in office. I want those checks again,” not understanding that really came from Congress.

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