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24% of Trudeau’s time in office has been devoted to “personal days”: report

By Quinn Patrick

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken 680 “personal days” since he was elected in 2015, according to his public itineraries and a data analysis by the National Post.

Excluding election campaigns, Trudeau has spent 24% of his time in office, the equivalent of almost two years, taking personal days.

True North did the first published analysis of Trudeau’s personal days in 2020, and found he had taken 48 personal days by August of that year and 91 the year prior.

This includes vacations he took with his family, the holiday seasons, out-of-town weekend getaways and summer breaks.

However, the PMO rejects the notion that the prime minister is not working on days listed as personal, telling the National Post such a notion “false and absurd.”

“The Prime Minister routinely and regularly works on days listed ‘personal’ in the itinerary,” wrote the PMO in an emailed statement.

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