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Argentinian Stocks and Bonds Shoot Up After Javier Milei’s Landslide Presidential Victory

The market welcomes the pro-market elected President.

For many months, during the campaign, we had to put up with Globalists of all stripes warning anyone who’d listen about the ‘danger’ of electing ‘anarcho-capitalist’ Javier Milei to the Presidency of Argentina.

However, after his LANDSLIDE victory yesterday, today investors are ‘voting with their money’, and the result is what we expected: Argentinian stocks and bonds are BOOMING.

It is also true that there’s downward pressure on the peso currency, after all, Milei has vowed to ditch it in favor of the US dollar.

His policy is to ‘take a chainsaw to public spending’, ‘burn down’ the central bank – and guess what: investors are into it!

‘Beautiful morning, is it not?’

It may be symbolic that this is happening on Argentina’s ‘Day of the National Sovereignty’.

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