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Federal Appeals Court Panel Blasts Judge Chutkan, Signals it will Narrow Trump’s Unconstitutional Gag Order

A federal appeals court on Monday signaled it would partially grant President Trump’s request to remove his gag order in Jack Smith’s bogus election interference case.

Trump’s lawyers have been fighting Chutkan’s gag order since she first imposed it last month.

Earlier this month President Trump filed an appeal brief on Judge Tanya Chutkan’s gag order. Trump argued Chutkan’s gag order is broad, vague and violates his First Amendment rights.

On October 20, Judge Chutkan agreed to temporarily pause her own gag order in the DOJ’s January 6 case while Trump and Jack Smith submit appeal briefs.

According to Chutkan’s gag order, Trump cannot criticize Special Counsel Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors – even if Trump is telling the truth!

The gag order prevented Trump from criticizing Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors or staffers, any of the Court’s staff or supporting personnel or any ‘witnesses.’


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