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lack Lives Matter Leader Sees the Light and Reveals Why He is Backing Donald Trump for President Next Year

Joe Biden’s problems with minority voters continue to worsen as they realize how much they lost while Donald Trump was President. Now, a leader from far-left Black Lives Matter is seeing the light.

Mark Fisher is the co-founder of the organization’s Rhode Island chapter. He was a lifelong Democrat but became disgruntled and ditched the party recently.

The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe previously reported that Fisher had been a staunch supporter of the J6 Prisoners persecuted by the Biden regime. He even helped lead a national prayer outside the E. Barret Prettyman courthouse in DC on Aug. 30 to protest the sentencing of Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio and Ethan Nordean.

Now, he has decided the best way to send a message is to support Trump, the man responsible for creating the most prosperity for minority voters in American history.

Fisher went on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to explain why he is backing Trump. His take on the Democrats was absolutely scathing, while his words toward Trump could not have been warmer.


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