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Dozens Of NYC Seniors Evicted From Nursing Home Turned Into Migrant Shelter

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

“They get everything, and he gets nothing.”

Dozens of seniors in New York, including a 94-year-old Army veteran named Frank Tammaro, were evicted from their senior center, which was then converted into a migrant shelter.

City officials have estimated that tens of thousands of migrants have entered the city since last spring, which is costing around $5 million per day. Mayor Eric Adams, who previously boasted about NYC being a “sanctuary” for migrants, has more recently complained about the influx of migrants.

Tammaro told Fox News that he had lived in the center for five years, and intended to spend the rest of his days there until he and the other members were notified that they were being kicked out. After he was evicted, Tammaro’s family found out that the center was turned into a migrant shelter.

“I do get upset when I see them handing out all this money and all these things, and I’m paying taxes and getting kicked out,” Tammaro said. “I’ve never got anything from the city. Or the state.”

The veteran’s daughter, with whom he now lives, echoed the same sentiment. “I don’t understand it at all. It’s not fair to anybody,” Barbara Annunziata said. “These migrants, they’re getting everything. They’re getting everything and I can’t get nothing for [Tammaro]. It angers me.”

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