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Massive Group of Military-Age Men From China Invade US Border in California

Joe Biden’s America.

A massive group of military-age men from China invaded the southern border in California on Monday.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from all over the world are traveling through the Darien Gap en route to the United States every month.

Illegals from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South and Central America are making the trek to the United States.

The latest group of illegals to invade California were mainly from China.

Jacumba, which is about 75 miles east of San Diego, has been a hangout for thousands of illegals after crossing the border. The high desert has been a drop-off location for smugglers for illegals to live in makeshift camps.

The group Border Kindness, which is a non-governmental organization that helps provide resources for illegals, has provided food and water in areas where terrain is difficult to traverse in the San Diego mountains.


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