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Joe Rogan slams Trudeau, “That guy can eat sh**”

  Jeremiah Church

“They’re sliding down that dangerous road of communism that scares the sh** out of me,” Rogan said.

Podcaster Joe Rogan blasted the Trudeau Government during his most recent episode, calling them a “sh**hole communist government.”

Rogan made his comments while interviewing Canadian fitness YouTuber, Derek … from More Plates More Dates.

The conversation quickly turned to the Canadian political scene, in which Rogan asked about a specific fitness routine, referring to Derek living in the “f*** frozen communist sh**hole of Canada.”

After Rogan was asked when the last time he visited Canada, he again brought up the dictatorial actions of the Trudeau government, saying “I don’t go up there any more.”

“What they did up there with the trucker rally, and what Trudeau’s doing with guns, and what they’re trying to clamp down on censorship on the internet.  That guy can eat sh**,” he said.

Canada needs a “100% an overhaul of government.”

Rogan further expressed his desire that Canadians completely overhaul the current government.

“They’re sliding down that dangerous road of communism that scares the sh** out of me,” he said, saying their recent actions were reminiscent of 3rd-world country dictatorships.

Spotify’s most popular podcaster also brought up his concerns over the Trudeau regime’s growing internet censorship agenda and said that his podcast may eventually be censored from Canadians, “especially if I’m am openly critical of that sh**hole communist government.”

“That’s like China … it’s literally like what they do in foreign countries that are run by dictators,” he added.

This isn’t the first time the podcaster bashed Trudeau.  In October, Rogan blasted the Liberals while praising the freedom convoy protestors.


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