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State of California Now Facing Record Deficit of $68 Billion, According to Non-Partisan Analyst

The state of California is now facing an eye-popping deficit of $68 billion dollars, according to a non-partisan analyst.

It has become so expensive to live in California that people are buying fewer homes and businesses are hiring fewer people. Add the massive population loss suffered by the state for the last two years and there is much less money on the table for the state to collect in taxes.

This is what the leadership of Gavin Newsom and progressive policies have brought to California. Wreck and ruin.

From the Associated Press, via KEYT News:

California faces record $68 billion budget deficit, nonpartisan legislative analyst says

California is facing a record $68 billion budget deficit, state officials announced Thursday, forcing hard choices for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in his final term as he works to build his national profile.


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