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Democrat Lawmaker Who Defunded the Austin Police Department Requests Enhanced Patrols Around His House

Texas Rep. Gregorio “Greg” Casar, who helped to defund the Austin Police Department during his time on the city council in 2020, has requested enhanced patrols around his home.

The lawmaker also wrote a letter to the Department of Justice asking them to investigate the Austin Police Department just last week.

In the letter, the congressman accused the department of a “pattern and practice of utilizing excessive force against people of color and people with mental health conditions.”

“A federal pattern-or-practice investigation into civil rights violations by the Austin Police Department, particularly of the department’s policing of communities of color, people with mental health conditions, and those exercising their First Amendment rights, is both necessary and long overdue,” the hypocritical lawmaker wrote, “I look forward to working with you to improve public safety and civil rights protections in Austin.”

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