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Defunding Child Sexualizers Like The Kinsey Institute Should Be A No-Brainer For Republicans

Rolling back evil sexual ideologies will be a long, difficult fight, but defunding their champions is a good and easy place to start.

If conservatives want to win the culture war, we need to stop funding our enemies. Republicans are finally realizing this — well, some Republicans are, about some of their enemies.

For example, the Indiana Legislature passed a 2024 budget that bans state funding for the notorious Kinsey Institute. That radical bastion of the sexual revolution has long been hosted at Indiana University, becoming an official part of the university in 2016. IU and the Kinsey Institute are now planning for their separate futures, albeit in a desultory way.

Neither seems to want to accept that it’s over, so they have set up a working group that will host “a series of public listening sessions aimed at better understanding specific and diverse concerns related to the State’s funding restrictions and the university’s protection of the Kinsey Institute.” The general vibe is of an institution that is shocked that conservatives actually turned off the cash spigot to an organization that hates them and everything they believe.

After all, though conservatives have long complained about government funding for this sort of thing, they have rarely done anything about it. Now some are, and the Kinsey Institute is a particularly apt target. Conservatives loathe it not only for its predictably leftist views on sex and the sexes, but because of its notorious founder and namesake. Alfred Kinsey’s goal was to break down sexual norms and restraints; he achieved this by collecting data to show that they were already being widely broken.

Kinsey was an activist, not a disinterested scientist, and as Al Mohler laid out recently in a World magazine opinion piece, Kinsey lied about the sources for some of his data. But as Mohler noted, that scientific dishonesty is nothing to the enormity of what that data was about: the sexual responses of children, including infants, data that was collected by sexually abusing them. Kinsey was enthusiastic about getting data from a prolific child molester and offered him money and support to bring him to the institute.

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