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Fully Vaxxed and Boosted “All My Children” Actor Dies Suddenly at Age 50 – COVID Suspected as Cause of Death

A “fully healthy” middle-aged actor passed away far too soon, leaving his beloved fiancé devastated.

As TMZ reported, “All My Children” actor Alec Musser died suddenly Friday night at his home in Del Mar, CA. He was just 50 years old.

Musser’s fiancé Paige Press revealed that he was suffering from “a severe case of COVID” despite being fully vaccinated and boosted, as Fox News noted. She suspects COVID was Musser’s cause of death.

Press mourned Musser’s passing on her Instagram page:

He was a very healthy person. I mean he took exceptional care of his body and what went into it. He’d eat some cookies and that was the worst thing I ever saw him do.

Alec was a wonderful man. He was the best fiancé. The best dog dad. Very kind-hearted person. Seeing how many messages and people have reached out to me from his childhood…In the last couple of days, people I’ve never even met, sending me photos from him from high school and when he was in there wedding. He was so loved and touched by so many people.

Star actor and comedian Adam Sandler, who worked with Musser on the movie “Grown Ups,” released the following statement on social media mourning Musser’s tragic death.


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