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EU Plotting to ‘Sabotage’ Hungarian Economy over Orbán’s Opposition to Ukraine Funding: Report

by Kurt Zindulka

The European Union has reportedly drawn up a scheme to “sabotage” Hungary’s economy by attacking the country’s currency and access to capital markets over Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s opposition to a further 50 billion euros in funding to Ukraine.

According to a report from the globalist Financial Times newspaper, a document produced by the EU Council — the agenda-setting federal body of the bloc — has laid out plans for Brussels to target the Hungarian Forint currency and scare off investors to “sabotage” the country’s economy in an unprecedented way.

The document allegedly states that for the Hungarian economy, “jobs and growth . . . depend to a large extent” on investment from abroad and EU funding, giving Eurocrats the ability to severely damage the country’s economic stability.

The scheme comes amid an ongoing dispute between Budapest and Brussels over the proposed €50 billion ($54bn/£42.5bn) in additional aid to Ukraine. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been the chief opponent to pouring more money into the conflict and a lone voice among European leaders consistently calling for peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow.

The populist Hungarian leader has said that he plans to use his national veto power to block the funds, sparking outrage among globalist factions within the bloc that he would deign to use the democratic powers afforded to his country to oppose more funding for the war. There have even been suggestions of stripping away the national veto power within the EU to prevent further roadblocks to the neo-liberal agenda favoured by power players in Berlin, Brussels, and Paris.


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