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Secret Service Deleted Texts From J6 and Destroyed Their Phones AFTER Being Told by Congress to Preserve Them

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie accused DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas of being involved in the obstruction of Congress scandal related to deleted J6 text messages.

According to a Jack Smith filing in December, the DOJ may be a part of the scandal of the ‘missing’ Secret Service text messages.

“Secret Service deleted texts from J6 and destroyed their phones AFTER being told by Congress to preserve them,” Massie said on Monday. “Obstruction of Congress occurred under Sec Mayorkas.”

Massie also asked Democrat Rep Bennie Thompson whether he ever investigated to so-called ‘bomb’ with a kitchen timer attached to it placed near Kamala Harris at the DNC headquarters on the eve of the January 6 Capitol riot.

“I asked Chair of J6 committee [Bennie Thompson] about this & whether he even investigated the bomb placed near VP Harris. Nothing!” Massie said.


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