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City of Calgary approves recall petition against pro-LGBT, anti-freedom Mayor Jyoti Gondek

by Clare Marie Merkowsky

A total of 514,284 signatures are required from residents to oust the mayor.

(LifeSiteNews) — An official petition has been launched to remove pro-LGBT and anti-freedom Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek from office.

On February 5, the City of Calgary approved a notice of recall petition against Gondek, who has repeatedly targeted pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom Canadians during her time in office.

“For the petition to be successful, the representative recall petitioner must collect signatures from at least 40% of the population within the city of Calgary,” City Clerk Kate Martin explained. “All signatures must be original signatures and a recall petition may not be signed in digital form.”

The population of Calgary is 1,285,711, meaning that 514,284 signatures are required. Additionally, to be able to sign the petition, individuals must also be eligible to vote for the elected official named in the notice of recall petition.

According to the city’s guidelines, if the petition meets all the requirements and is deemed sufficient:

(a) the individual named in the notice of recall petition is recalled,

(b) the individual is no longer a member of Council or of any Council committee, and

(c) the position to which the individual was elected is vacant.

Since there are over 12 months before the next general election, which is scheduled for October 20, 2025, a by-election will be called to fill the vacant seat.

If the petition is successful, Gondek’s removal from office would mark a victory for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom Canadians.

As mayor, Gondek supported a motion to sharply restrict pro-life flyers with images of aborted babies last May. Under the new rule, flyers that have graphic images of aborted babies, or “fetuses” as it says, “must be concealed in an opaque envelope, with a graphic content warning, and include the name and address of the sender, when delivered to homes.”

In April, Gondek walked away from the podium after being asked by an independent journalist why she voted to defund the police just two years ago while the city is experiencing a crime wave that has seen violent stabbings and the shooting death of a teenage girl.


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