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Jordan Peterson calls for ‘prison for child sterilizers and mutilators and all who support them’

Image  Jarryd Jaeger

On Wednesday, Jordan Peterson came out swinging against those who enable and perform sex change surgeries or prescribe medications for that purpose to children.

The clinical psychologist suggested that anyone taking part in the practice should be sent to prison.

“Prison for the child sterilizers and mutilators and all who support them,” Peterson wrote in a post on X. “Seriously.”

His comments came in response to a post by Daily Wire host Matt Walsh in which he criticised the media’s coverage of Libs of TikTok‘s work to shed light on the medical institutions at which surgeries and medication are provided in the name of gender ideology.

While NBC News claimed attacks had been threatened against schools, hospitals, businesses, and officials because they had been “singled out” by Libs of TikTok, Walsh suggested a better headline would be: “People who horrifically abused, mutilated, castrated, and sexualized children later played the victim when their behavior was exposed”

Peterson, who has long been a vocal critic of gender ideology and the left’s attempts to push it on young people, praised Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre earlier in the day for finally coming out and declaring that he was against the use of puberty blockers for children under the age of 18.

“The Canadian conservatives continue to regrow their spines,” he wrote, tagging the premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick, all of whom have taken steps to prevent minors from accessing the controversial care.

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