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Justin Trudeau claims Canadians don’t want to ‘Make Canada Great Again’

Image  Jarryd Jaeger

Before long, “Make Canada Great Again” was trending on X.

During Question Period on Wednesday, Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre got into a heated debate over whether the Conservative government under Stephen Harper had done a better job tackling crime in Canada.

Ignoring the data provided showing that crime rates were down during the previous administration, Trudeau accused Poilievre of wanting to “Make Canada Great Again,” something he claimed is “not what Canadians want.”

“Let’s talk about the cold, hard facts,” Poilievre began. “There were two thirds less cases of extortion in the last year of the ‘Common Sense Conservative’ government than there are today. In the 10 years we were in office, the number of car thefts fell by half. That was because we targeted the worst offenders, kept them in prison, secured our ports, and stopped organized crime.”

Poilievre went on to point out that the Liberal government’s catch-and-release policies have only “multiplied crime,” and called on the prime minister to “follow the evidence and reinstate a common sense criminal justice plan.”

“What we hear from the leader of the opposition,” Trudeau responded, “is under the previous Conservative government everything was perfect, and what he’s proposing to do is to ‘Make Canada Great Again’. That is not what Canadians want. He is pining for a nostalgia that, quite frankly, Canadians do not feel.”

This was not the only time Trudeau made use of the Canadian version of the American slogan made famous by Donald Trump.

When Poilievre pointed out that “life was not like this before the prime minister, and it won’t be like this after he’s gone,” Trudeau snapped back that he was “planning to Make Canada Great Again.”

Clips of the exchange quickly went viral, and before long, “Make Canada Great Again” was trending on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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