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PEACE ON EARTH: Russian Philosopher Dugin Celebrates ‘American Conservative Revolution’

Praises Tucker, Musk, Abbot, Says ‘America Must Choose Trump’ To Avoid Nuclear War

The Gateway Pundit is the place ‘where hope finally made a comeback’, and today, I was surprised with the heartwarming feeling that there’s indeed good reason to trust that hope is indeed back in the world.

Being born Brazilian is not necessarily the greatest thing on Earth in all respects, but it does give me an outside look at both the American and the Russian empires. And the more I looked, the more I began to see not just the stark differences but the incredible similarities.

Who else, I asked myself, is fighting the Satanic Pedophiles and their failed Globalist policies, but Putin and his hard slaves on one hand, and Trump and the American renaissance on the other?

Then I started reading a bit about the Philosopher Alexander Dugin’s work, and he is calling out attention to ‘The Great Awakening’ – and I started to think that either I am crazy, or else there’s something very deep and beautiful at work, here.


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