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Health Canada floated ban on smoking in private homes ahead of WHO tobacco summit

By Andrew Lawton

A ban on smoking in private spaces and a phase-out of tobacco sales are among the measures Health Canada planned to offer up at the World Health Organization’s annual tobacco control conference this week.

A Health Canada tobacco control official said these are within the scope of the global treaty governing tobacco restrictions and should be presented to countries as they decide what policies to entertain.

Laura Smith, the director of tobacco and vaping policy in Health Canada’s Tobacco Control Directorate, delivered a presentation on “forward-looking tobacco control measures” at a November webinar hosted by Europe’s Joint Action on Tobacco Control initiative.

The session was a lookahead to the World Health Organization’s annual conference of the parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The conference, called COP10, is taking place in Panama.

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was signed in 2003 “to protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke.”

The convention sets out universal standards for limiting tobacco, but as Smith noted in her presentation, countries are encouraged to “implement measures beyond those required by this Convention and its protocols” and impose “stricter requirements that are consistent” with the agreement.

One example provided by Smith was “smokefree private spaces (regulate or ban smoking in private places).

“Smoke-free private spaces involve the regulation of smoking in private places such as homes, vehicles, multi-unit housing, government-subsidized housing, balconies, patios, and yards belonging to housing complexes,” Smith said.

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