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Trump and Putin Are the Terror of Davos Globalists: Russian Media

Winds of peace are blowing around the world, as the possibility of a rekindling of foreign relations between Earth’s two major nuclear superpowers is getting less incredible by the day.

The Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin has generated a wave of interest in America on the bilateral relations, and further revealed a stark difference in cognitive sharpness between Putin and ‘Crooked Joe Biden’.

And in Russia, a surprising wave of appreciation also arose, with common citizens praising Tucker for his courageous journalism.

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Philosopher Alexander Dugin also praised Tucker, Musk, Abbot and called for the election of Donald Trump, emphasizing the shared values of conservative Russians and Americans.

And the ripples are still expanding, with Russian media talking about Putin and Trump as the two menaces to the WEF Globalists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is ‘anathema to Davos globalists’. That’s what Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Russian news outlet Sputnik, stressing that ‘the timing of Putin-Carlson interview was perfect’, because it occurred in the start of the primary season, ‘so that voters got a fair chance to see the interaction for themselves’.


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