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Trump Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on the Fani Willis-Nathan Wade Relationship

President Trump spent his Saturday stumping and holding massive rallies in North Carolina and Virginia.

After delivering remarks at a rally in Greensboro, Trump touched down in Virginia for a ‘get out the vote‘ rally in Richmond.

Trump said the quiet part out loud on the Fani Willis-Nathan Wade relationship during his remarks in Virginia.

Corrupt Soros-backed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hired her paramour Nathan Wade as the top prosecutor to hunt down Trump.

Willis and Wade may be disqualified from the Georgia RICO case after it was revealed they financially benefitted from their improper relationship and lied to the court about when their romantic relationship began.

“I was indicted by Fani in Georgia… her lover, Nathan Wade, and they hired him for almost a million dollars because of his great, great experience,” Trump said.

Trump zinged the two corrupt prosecutors.

“He had experience in something else. You know, a lot of experience. And at that, I’m quite sure he was very good based on the fact that she called him 2000 times,” Trump said.



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