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Canadian Freedom protesters take to the streets in Ottawa to slam Trudeau’s 23% carbon tax hike

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Protesters came to Parliament Hill to oppose carbon tax increase.

Easter Monday’s carbon tax protest in Ottawa was not dominated by federal, provincial or municipal politicians. Instead, it was led by the same people who had come out over two years earlier to join the Freedom Convoy protest in Canada’s capital. These were farmers, truck drivers, electricians, and plumbers.

The Ottawa event was part of a cross-Canada demonstration against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax that not only increases the price of gas and home heating fuel but the cost of purchasing a multitude of goods and services that are affected in any way by the higher prices for energy, like transporting food to the grocery stores.

On Apr. 1, Trudeau hiked the carbon tax by a further 23 percent, despite seven out of 10 premiers and almost 70 percent of the population telling him that they want this to end.

This is the third installment of the carbon tax. In British Columbia gas has surged beyond $2/litre.

Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre had recently stopped in Ottawa with one of his “Axe the Tax” rallies and repeatedly brought the audience to its feet with his call to “spike the hike” on Apr. 1. As that call went unheeded, Ottawa’s “Wellington Street Irregulars” led by Chris Dacey and Johnny Rowe, brought hundreds of protesters to the centennial flame in front of Parliament Hill to reiterate that demand.

Larry Reid, a local dairy farmer told The Post Millennial that he’s not only dealing with higher propane costs, but a local increase in property taxes. It’s the government’s attitude of bombarding farmers with taxes that angers him. He said “they’re going to keep taxing until there’s nobody left; all the little guys are going to go.”

He wondered what the point is, since the carbon tax “is not going to help in any way with the fricking pollution … It’s going to be a killer.”

“Anyways, all I’ve got to say is: if you want to cripple the farmers, it’s working.”

Many of the protesters don’t believe the carbon tax has done anything to arrest climate change or affect Canada’s output of greenhouse gas emissions. The country only produces 1.5 percent of the global carbon footprint.

Some of those here are reluctant to provide their surnames because they said they remembered how Trudeau reacted when people joined the Freedom Convoy in 2022 to oppose his Covid mandates. He froze their bank accounts and invoked the brutal Emergencies Act. A woman standing with the aid of a walker was trampled by a police horse.

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