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More Cali Gun Taxes – Crazy Alberta Mayor – Leave Druggies Alone

18 New CA Gun Laws That Take Effect In 2024 And Beyond

CALIFORNIA — More than 42,000 people died of gun violence in the United States during 2023. The Dec. 29 figure comes from the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization that touts itself as an independent data collection and research institute with no affiliation to any advocacy group.

The Golden State was not spared firearm deaths over the last year, according to GVA. California saw its share of suicides, mass shootings, homicides and accidental gun deaths involving all ages, races and genders.

In response to firearm violence, state lawmakers have worked to impose more gun laws. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in 2024 and beyond.

WEF-Linked Calgary Mayor Says ‘Never Being Able To Own a Home’ Gives You ‘More Freedom’

Mayor Gondek, who happens to own two houses in Calgary, claimed that owning nothing is synonymous with being happy during a discussion with the development company RNDSQR.

“We’re starting to see a segment of the population reject this idea of owning a home, and they’re moving towards rental because it gives them more freedom,” said Gondek.

B.C. hospital memo raises safety concerns over patients’ drug use

Memo from last July in Northern Health hospital had advised nurses to not impede patients using illicit drugs

A leaked memo from a hospital in the Northern Health region advising nurses not to impede patients using illicit drugs raised a firestorm in the B.C. Legislature on Wednesday.

The memo, sent out to staff at the G.R. Baker Hospital in Quesnel, B.C., last July, asks them not to search through patients’ personal belongings and take away substances. It also tells staff not to restrict visitors if they suspect they are dropping off illicit substances, and also not to confiscate weapons if they are found.

Trudeau hits peak panic with halal mortgage scheme

A drowning man will grasp at any straw when going under and the Grits are sinking fast

Panic is disturbing to witness.

We’re getting an eyeful these days courtesy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s regime, one that has moved beyond arrogance, through confusion, to now stand on the verge of outright political hysteria.

Last week’s federal budget was a shipwreck of Titanic proportions. Nothing made sense: all was virtue-signalling tied at the hip to massive, never-ending borrowing, with the only certainty being an ability to further divide Canadians.

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