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Trudeau embraces “social activist” role amid criticism over policies

By Isaac Lamoureux, True North Wire

Even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds himself taking a walk in the snow by Canada’s next federal election, he said that he will remain a social activist focused on causes he’s championed while in office.

Stephen Dubner interviewed Trudeau on Apr. 19, discussing many of his policies and legacy. The podcast was posted to Freakonomics’ website last Wednesday.

Trudeau said that he would still be a teacher if he had not entered politics. When he leaves politics, he plans to return to teaching in some form.

“I’m ultimately a social activist who’s going to look to how I can have a positive impact on the world. I did it as a teacher. I’m doing it now as a politician. Whatever I do next, I will continue to try and have an impact on the world. But for now, I’m very much happy and focused on the job I have and not thinking about the future too much, except the future for young Canadians that we’re trying to build,” said Trudeau.

The future appears bleak for young Canadians. A recent survey reveals that they have experienced the second-largest drop in life satisfaction among their peers, ranking them as the least happy demographic under 30 in the G7 nations.


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