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WEF Banker Gloats of Using Covid to Usher In ‘100% Digital’ Global ‘Cashless Society’

A powerful central banker has gloated to his fellow World Economic Forum (WEF) members that the Covid pandemic has helped globalists usher in a global “cashless society.”

Central Bank of Bahrain governor Khalid Humaidan discussed plans for eliminating physical cash while speaking at the WEF’s “Special Meeting on Global Collaboration, Growth and Energy Development” on Sunday.

During a panel discussion, titled “Open Forum: The Digital Currencies’ Opportunity in the Middle East,” Humaidan told WEF elites that the goal of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is to replace cash with “100% digital” payments.

He revealed that the pandemic helped to rapidly advance that goal.

“I think the transition to fully digital [currency] is not going to be a stretch, people are used to it, people are engaged in it, and circumstances that help is adoption rates increased because of Covid,” Humaidan said.

Humaidan also bragged that the general public is not resisting the end of cash transactions.

“This is where contactless [payment] started to become something of a necessity, something of a safety, something of a requirement, and because of that there is very little resistance, trust is already there,” the WEF member said.


Humaidan continued by reminding WEF members that central banks control the issuance of cash, manage the supply via interest rates, and that the private sector largely controls the effort.



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