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Barack Obama, 21st-Century Schizoid Man

By Pete McArdle

Although not a psychologist, I nevertheless convinced thousands of trusting souls to open their mouths (and wallets) for needles, drills, forceps, foul tastes, strange smells, not-good vibrations, and bills beyond imagination for more than forty years.

And after the obligatory formalities and a couple jabs of the ol’ Novocain had been dispensed with, I’d sit, patiently waiting for profound anesthesia, and provide free psychoanalysis to my patients.

I’d listen carefully — most times — and then, no matter what the patient’s problem was, I’d say, “You have a problem with congruity.”

“Congruity” is having the things you think and deeply believe match up with your actual words and actions.  Most people fall short of absolute congruity, but the smaller the gap, or “schism,” between your talk and your walk, the happier and more fulfilled you are.

And the bigger the schism, the more troubled, angry, and unhappy you are.

With that in mind, who could possibly be more conflicted, disturbed, or downright resentful than the man currently sailing our ship of state into a stone jetty at about ninety knots?

Joe Biden, you say?

No, silly!  He’s not running anything, except maybe his mouth when he’s occasionally allowed to.

Watch the recent video of Crusty Joe trying to eat his dinner at the execrable White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  He’s zoning out on the person talking to him.  He struggles to move salad from the salad plate to his dinner plate.  He then loses interest in the salad and strains mightily to rip a small dinner roll in two, finally transferring half the roll to his dinner plate.

He then loses interest in both the roll and the person animatedly yapping at him, and attempts, ever so slowly, to bring a forkful of greens up to his quivering mouth — a meeting so perilous that it recalls one of the perilous outer space hookups needed for the successful Apollo 11 mission.

No, poor old Joe isn’t running things now, nor was he back when he was “elected” and still had two neurons to rub together.

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