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California Democrats Turn on Gov Newsom as $20 Billion in Homeless Council Funding Goes Missing

California Democrats have begun turning against Governor Gavin Newsom after $20 billion in taxpayer money allocated for tackling homelessness in the state has gone missing.

Gov. Newsom’s California Interagency Council on Homelessness (CICH) is unable to account for billions of dollars in funding over the past five years.

The homeless council has no record of where the $20B has been spent, nor can Newsom’s administration provide any evidence or examples of where the program has been successful in tackling homelessness in the states.

The huge sum of tax dollars has essentially vanished while the homeless crisis in California continues to spiral out of control.

The issue has led to a major blowback from within the Democrat governor’s own party.

Democrat officials blasted Newsom’s housing and homelessness officials during a budget committee hearing this week.

“You come to a budget committee, and there’s no numbers,” Democrat Assemblymember Phil Ting said to Newsom’s homelessness council officials.

“How many people have we helped?

“How many people are off the street?”

“Because that’s what people want to know,” he added.

A CICH executive responded by claiming that the council is dealing with “data quality issues.”

Metrics are not yet available for how more than $20 billion was spent since Newsom established the council in 2019.

“We’re working expeditiously,” executive officer Meghan Marshall said.

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