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Liberal Cesspol: California’s Far-left District Attorneys Reportedly Won’t Prosecute Any Child Predator from Sting Operations Online Group Turns In

In a recent viral sting operation by a group of prominent YouTubers, including Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, an alarming allegation has surfaced that California’s District Attorneys will not prosecute individuals caught in these stings, despite clear evidence of predatory behavior towards minors.

Last Tuesday, the online series “Catching Child Predators,” led by Zdorovetskiy along with DJ Deorro and Bradley Martyn, released a disturbing episode where Herschel Weingrod, a veteran Hollywood producer known for his work on ‘1996 Space Jam’, was caught on camera in a compromising situation.

Weingrod, who introduced himself as “Boris,” was filmed at a local restaurant with a young girl who, according to him, claimed to be 23 based on her dating profile. However, during the confrontation, it was revealed she had informed him of her actual underage status.

The confrontation escalated as Weingrod attempted to dismiss the severity of his actions, claiming that talking and flirting with a minor was “not a big deal.” The situation intensified when Weingrod tried to leave the scene, only to be pursued by Zdorovetskiy and Martyn, who resorted to firing pink and blue gunpowder cannons.

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The series aims to expose sexual predators engaging inappropriately with minors.

In a shocking twist revealed in Thursday’s episode streamed on, a member of Zdorovetskiy’s security team shared that despite their efforts to bring such predators to justice, they are allegedly being stonewalled by the DA’s office.

“They’re basically like, ‘Don’t bring them in. There’s nothing that the DA is going to do now. Just write it up, file it, and that’s all we can do now,'” the security member recounted, highlighting a purported directive from desk sergeants based on DA Gascón’s policies.

“We’ve got to just keep bringing a light to it because, unfortunately, through no fault of theirs, they’ve done everything they can for us, but it’s the DAs in California that are refusing to prosecute pedophiles. Police are doing everything they can, but the DA is not supporting them,” he added.

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