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Top Doctor: Covid Shots Have ‘Highest Kill Rate in History’

Leading OBGYN physician Dr. James Thorp has issued a statement to warn about the alarming statistics that governments, health officials, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and the corporate media are all trying to keep hidden from the public.

In an explosive new whistleblowing interview with Infowars founder Alex Jones, Dr. Thorp provides bombshell data proving that Covid mRNA shots have the “highest kill rate in history.”

“This is the most lethal and injurious drug ever rolled out,” Thorp asserted.

“And if you calculate the injured-to-kill ratio, it’s unprecedented in warfare and medicine.”

Thorp revealed that during the first ten weeks of the Covid shot rollout in early 2021, “there were 42,086 casualties.”

He noted that those casualties included 1,223 people who were killed by the injection.

However, the data was suppressed and the mass vaccination push continued.

“If you calculate the injure-to-kill ratio, it’s unprecedented in warfare and medicine,” Thorp notes.

He later notes that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates stated in 2010 that “this is going to be the decade of the vaccine.”

“This whole plandemic was actually rolled out for political purposes to disrupt the election, number one.

“And number two, the ultimate goal was to roll out this highly dangerous mRNA platform and this was the way to do it.

“By the way, [the mRNA platform] was shown to be lethal in all studies in the last 20 years.”

“They all knew this,” Jones said.

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