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The Line To See President Trump In New Jersey Is Already MASSIVE! 40,000+ Venue!

By M Winger

You’d think it was 2005 with a new Star Wars movie coming out when you see a long line of people who have been camped out for three days!

The bad news is that you haven’t time travelled back to a simpler era.

The good news is that President Trump is coming to town and these patriots are excited with anticipation!

The Trump Train is pulling into Wildwood, NJ for a Trump rally on Saturday and these events stir up the people’s hope.

Seeing Trump in person gives the people a sense that they’re not alone, that they are heard and that help is indeed on the way.

Which happens to be the exact opposite three things that Biden offers. That admin makes you feel alone, unheard and they refuse to help.

Wildwood, NJ is already TURNED UP for President Donald J. Trump tomorrow! 🇺🇸


AP News reports:

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — After a long week in court, Donald Trump is heading to the Jersey Shore. And his campaign says he’ll be joined by “tens of thousands” of his friends.

Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, expects to draw what his team is calling a “mega crowd” to a Saturday evening rally in the southern New Jersey resort town of Wildwood. It will be held 150 miles (241 kilometers) south of the New York City courthouse where he has been forced to spend most weekdays sitting silently through his felony hush money trial.

The beachfront gathering is designed to serve as a show of force at a critical moment for Trump, a presidential candidate known for drawing huge crowds.

Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller said the “tens of thousands” expected attendees would be a notable contrast to the number that typically show up for President Joe Biden’s political events, which Miller described as being only “eight circles, two of which are empty.”

Trump’s gathering in deep-blue New Jersey comes less than six months before Election Day.

The former president’s extraordinary legal woes, which include three other unrelated criminal cases, have emerged as a central focus of the campaign.

Trump has repeatedly accused the Biden administration and Democratic officials in New York of using the legal system to block his return to the White House. Prosecutors allege the former president broke the law to conceal an affair with a porn actor that would have hurt his first presidential bid.

And while Trump will almost certainly seize on his legal woes Saturday, a judge’s gag order — and the threat of jail — will limit Trump’s ability to comment publicly on witnesses, jurors and some others connected to the New York trial, which is expected to consume much of the month. The judge in the case already has fined Trump $9,000 for violating the order and warned that jail could follow if he doesn’t comply.

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