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WHO Moves to Seize Control of Global Food Supply

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken significant steps to seize control of the global food supply.

The WHO, the United Nations’ “health” agency, is pushing to establish an “alliance” that will allow the unelected organization to monitor and control the food supply of sovereign nations around the world.

Last week, the WHO Alliance for Food Safety concluded its first meeting where bureaucrats laid out plans for establishing global governance of the food supply.

The meeting included UN organizations, WHO collaborating centers, corporate elites, and wealthy donors.

Globalists convened for the meeting to discuss the implementation of the “WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022–2030.”

According to the WHO and its allies, controlling the food supply for the general public is essential for “fighting climate change” and tackling the “next pandemic.”

The alliance will have authority over what food is being produced.

It will also control how the food will be produced, managed, and inspected, and where it will be distributed.

This new plan uses the UN’s One Health approach.

One Health uses fear to control populations and justify the restriction, impoverishment, and death of the public.

The plan is baked into WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty.

The moves come as the UN, the WHO’s parent agency, is preparing to position itself as the Single World Government.

On May 6 to 8  2024, the WHO Nutrition and Food Safety Department hosted the first meeting of the WHO Alliance for Food Safety.

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