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Biggest Rally Ever! How Wildwood Catapulted MAGA To Heights Never Seen Before In American History

President Trump’s rally on Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey was historic for a number of reasons.  Its record-breaking, 100,000+ turnout was the largest political event in New Jersey history – and quite possibly, the largest presidential rally ever, at least in modern times.  Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that such an historic turnout occurred in deep-blue New Jersey, a state that has not voted for a Republican president since George H.W. Bush way back in 1988, nearly forty years ago.

President Trump, who, in 2020, garnered more votes than any presidential incumbent in American history, regaled the south New Jersey crowd with tales of his ongoing political persecution in neighboring New York, which he decried a “witch hunt” being carried out by a rogue D.A. and judge, both acting ultimately at the behest of Joe Biden and his weaponized DOJ.

President Trump’s barnstorming speech touched upon a smorgasbord of topics – from the ongoing Biden witch hunts to the catastrophic open border to conflict-riven Israel and Gaza to China’s monopolization of the global auto industry.  From crime to inflation to the migrant crisis, President Trump, with arresting simplicity, articulated to his massive audience – many of whom endured unseasonably cool temperatures to catch a glimpse of the next President – how the Biden regime has caused virtually every single political malady afflicting America today.  He described Biden as the worst president of all time and said that Biden does not even compare to the previous worst ten, and now fifteen, presidents added up.

Never has a so-called “president” in Biden waged an all-out assault against his likeliest successor the way Biden has against Trump; in large part owing to that fact, Trump now commands significant leads in virtually every reputable mainstream poll.  What Biden is currently doing against Trump was, in the not-too-distant past, only seen in banana republics – never in American history has the Commander-in-Chief abandoned democracy and instead relied upon extralegal measures, like lawfare, election rigging, and flooding the electorate with third world aliens, to shore up his electoral prospects in the upcoming presidential race.


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