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Germany’s Migrant ‘Poster Boy’ Jailed for Raping His Own Mother

An African migrant, who has been hailed Germany’s “poster for integration,” has just been jailed for violently beating and raping his own mother.

30-year-old Moise Lohombo, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa, was celebrated by corporate media as a success story for integrating foreign migrants into German society.

However, Lohombo was just sentenced to nine years in prison by the Wiesbaden District Court for the horrific attack against his mom.

During the trial, the judge even told the court that the offense was so cruel he thought he had misread the case file.

The migrant was found to have committed the crime in an apartment he shared with his mother.

He unleashed the shocking assault on his mother shortly after being released from prison for a drug-related offense.

Upon the return home of his mother, he threatened her with a knife, the court heard.

He then told her he would kill her if she refused him sex.

In a desperate plea, his mother offered him money for a prostitute instead, but he refused.

The victim was so severely beaten during the attack that investigators found blood spatter all over the apartment.

After the rape, Lohombo reportedly apologized to his mother and called her an ambulance before fleeing.

His mother was transported to the hospital with serious injuries including bleeding on the brain.

She was also heavily impacted psychologically by the attack.


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