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Constitutional Republic – Trump Debate at Courthouse – Anaida Poilievre

Why is America a Constitutional Republic and Not a Democracy?

If you listen to political pundits on MSNBC or CNN, you’ve probably heard some variation of the question, “Is Trump a threat to democracy?”

You may have also heard that the Electoral College undermines the people’s will and is a “threat to democracy.” Questioning Trump’s impact or the value of the Electoral College is one thing, but the underlying assumption that there’s an impact on democracy is problematic. Why? Because the United States is not, nor has it ever been, a democracy.

Instead, the Founding Fathers established a republic instead of democracy for a precise reason.

Trump challenges Biden to debate him at New York courthouse: ‘I’ve been waiting

Donald Trump responded to President Joe Biden’s recent comment that he would be “happy to debate” the former president on the Howard Stern Show with a Truth Social post calling out his successor to debate him in New York City.

Trump said he would debate Biden “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE” and would even “wait around” for the president to come to the courthouse Friday. At 4:50 p.m. Trump said he was still waiting.

Liberal government not immune from auto thefts: 48 vehicles stolen in recent years

The federal Liberals are trying to crack down on a scourge of auto thefts across the country, even as the government is struggling to keep its own vehicles away from thieves, new data show.

Documents tabled in the House of Commons on Monday show 48 government vehicles from 14 departments and agencies were stolen between January 2016 and February of this year.

Ministers are not immune, either. The official vehicle of the minister of justice was stolen three times in as many years between 2021 and 2023.

Anaida Poilievre is the Conservative Party’s secret weapon

On September 10, 2022, after the Conservative party leadership race results were announced and the winner was declared, I didn’t necessarily plan on watching Pierre Poilievre’s speech. It was obvious he would win. Nevertheless, I am glad I decided to check it out—and not because of Pierre. I hadn’t expected to see something completely new burst onto the Canadian political stage, and yet I did.

That “something new” came in the form of Anaida Poilievre, a Venezuelan Canadian introducing her husband as the next leader of one of Canada’s oldest political parties. She immediately grabbed my attention as she began her speech.

Anaida Poilievre — a voice for conservative-leaning immigrants

Yet it was Poilievre’s Venezuelan-born wife, Anaida, who provided the weekend’s most memorable and emotionally compelling address. The 15-minute speech (delivered confidently in both of Canada’s official languages, with a few Spanish phrases thrown in for good measure) gave many Canadians their first glimpse into her hardscrabble immigrant story.

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