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President Trump Announces Rally In NYC!

By Kaley

Get ready, New York…

It’s Trump rally time!

Amid all the legal troubles in his native state, President Trump has just announced that he will be holding a rally in SOUTH BRONX this week.

That’s right next to AOC’s district!

The rally is scheduled for this Thursday, May 23 at 6 PM.

Check it out:

🚨 JUST IN: President Trump has just announced a rally in SOUTH BRONX

Holy crap. Trump is actually making a play for NEW YORK 😳

This comes after Trump made a visit to a bodega in Harlem and was greeted by a HUGE crowd of supporters.


— Nick Sortor (@nicksortor) May 17, 2024

The press release announcing President Trump’s South Bronx rally says it’s to “highlight the horrendous effects Crooked Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency has had on our economy.”

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