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President Trump: “Are we going to be considered 2 term or 3 term…?”

By Noah

Ok folks, don’t shoot the messenger on this one!

I simply report what I see and hear.

And what I just saw and heard from President Trump is one of those things where you pause and ask yourself: “Did I really just hear that?”

Well, yes you did.

And it wasn’t just me that noticed, my good friend Joe Rambo noticed and posted it to Twitter.

Let me show you exactly what I mean:


Holy shyt… 🤯🤯🤯🤯 there it is!!!!
Trump just told us AGAIN!!!!

“Are we going to be considered 2 term or 3 term…?”

“We are sort of having my second term right now”

The PAUSE… 45-47

He sure loves dropping TRUTH bombs in the middle of speeches. We are with you sir.…

— Joe Rambo (@BrainStorm_Joe) May 18, 2024

Backup video here:

So what is going on here?

And why does President Trump keep dropping these massive hints?

And why does he wear a hat that says 45 – 47?

You do know what the dash means, right?

Think of a gravestone:

It means THROUGH.

If he wanted to say #45 and #47 he would use the word “and” or a comma, but he didn’t do that.  He used a dash.  I think very intentionally.

If you think I’m making too big a deal of this, I can respect that….but I would respectfully ask you to keep reading and watch the additional clips I am about to show you.  This is FAR from the first time he’s mentioned it.  It’s not a slip of the tongue or “misunderstood”.

This is a very clear message he keeps repeating.

Take a look:

President Trump Once Again Explains “The Pause” — This Time In More Detail

With each new speech, President Trump is becoming more explicit in what he reveals to us.

He’s previously hinted about “going away for a while” and “we will be back” and “The Pause”.

full story at

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